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Okinawa (Japan): Scenic Landscapes Cape Manza 万座毛 & Kouri-Jima 古宇利島

After we checked out from Rizzan Sea-Park Tancha Bay Hotel (read our experience here), we drove along Route 58, which is a scenic road on the west coast of central Okinawa (Japan), and there are some beautiful landscapes along the way. 

What does this look like? An elephant? 

It is one of the amazing landscapes in Okinawa, and its name is special too - Cape Manza 万座毛, which means a plain that can accommodate more than 10 000 people!

A lovely sight of Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩) - husband and wife rocks, which are tied together by a rope.

There are two car parks near Cape Manza, and the parking is free. We were thankful that the rain stopped for a while when we reached there. It took us less than 10 minutes to walk around the area, because it was too windy that the children could not take it, and it started raining heavily again after we had taken we-have-been-here photos.

On the next day, we drove further north to an island called Kouri-Jima 古宇利島. It is coined as "the lovers' island". What an apt place to visit in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary!

What a pity that it was raining during our visit, else it would be a beautiful sight when we drive along the bridge connecting to Kouri-Jima.

image source: lailai-web

We wanted to have an early lunch at Shrimp Wagon (will write another post about this), however, it was not ready when we reached there, so we drove to the famous Heart Rocks ハート ロック" located at the northern side of Kouri Jima.

Two hearts stand by each other...

And they overlap to become one!

So romantic right? Just a few steps, and you get to see different view of Heart Rocks. This place became a famous tourist spot after it appeared in a Japanese commercial  starred by a Japanese boys band Arashi.

But.... to be honest, it is not a very suitable place to bring young children there. After we parked our car, we had to walk down a narrow and rocky slope down to the beach. Even myself found it challenging to climb down the slope. Please do not bring stroller, it is "mission impossible" to bring it down the slope!

After driving along Kouri-Jima bridge, turn left and look out for the sign ハート ロック" on the left. The small path leads to the beach area. The car park that is nearest to the beach charges 300 yen per hour or 500 yen per day, and the visitors who park their cars here get to walk to the beach along a less challenging path. The car park that we parked at (next to the one that charges fixed amount) allows visitors to pay any amount they wish, and it even provides free rental of rubber shoes for visitors!

Other than these two places, there are other scenic spots too, it was a pity that we did not visit due to the bad weather. Well, that gives us a reason for visiting Okinawa again!

Mapcodes for Scenic Landscapes in Okinawa

Cape Manza 万座毛
Mapcode: 206 312 038*55

Kouri-Jima Heart Rocks 古宇利島 ハート ロック"
Mapcode: 485751179

Cape Zanpa 殘波岬
Mapcode: 1005685297*80

Cape Maeda 真栄田岬
Mapcode: 206 062 686

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