Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Okinawa (Japan): Yohena Ajisai Hydrangea Garden よへなあじさい園

Because of the rain, we had to cancel some of the outdoor activities. But also because of the rain, we get to see the sea of hydrangea! If you are visiting Japan in late May to June, which is the rainy season, you would be able to see blooms of hydrangea! We visited Yohena Ajisai Hydrangea Garden よへなあじさい園 in the northern part of Okinawa, it is about 20 minutes drive from Nago City.

The owner of this garden is a 99-year-old lady. Isn't it amazing? We went all the way up-slope and saw her through the door of her house. [Updated in April 2018: The lady owner has passed away.]

There is a small cafe near the entrance. The old gentleman who collected the entrance fee offered us some umbrellas as it was drizzling, so nice!

Be very careful when you are driving to the garden, the stretch of the road leading to the garden is so narrow that it only can accommodate one car, but there are cars travelling in both directions.

Yohena Ajisai Hydrangea Garden よへなあじさい園
Address: 1312 Aza-Izumi, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Mapcode for GPS: 206 833 170*74
Website: http://www.geocities.jp/tomotakayo
Admission fee: Adult - 400 yen, Elementary / Junior High / High School student - 200 yen

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