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5 Tips for Hong Kong Travel with Children

Why did we choose Hong Kong as our children's first overseas trip via plane? One reason is that the flight time is relatively short, about 3.5 hours, so it serves as a warm-up for the children. Another reason was that I am familiar with the place and I can speak Cantonese, so I am more confident to bring my children there.

We survived our first trip to Hong Kong in June 2015, together with the children's grandparents! Here is our 5D4N itinerary for our Hong Kong trip in June 2015, and our 8 tips for planning a trip to Hong Kong with senior and children.

Guess what, we are visiting Hong Kong again in December 2016! Now the children get to experience both the summer and winter seasons in Hong Kong!

Last time, we booked a free-and-easy package through a travel agency during a travel fair, this time, we settle all the bookings by ourselves!

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong with your children, let me share with you some tips:

Tips #1. Bring a baby carrier or stroller?

A few things to consider:
  • It is crowded in town areas.
  • There are many staircases at the MTR stations. 
  • Many eateries have limited space. There is no high chair and no place to put stroller in some eateries.
So you may want to consider carefully whether you should bring the pram or stroller along.

If you are visiting Disneyland Hong Kong or Ocean Park, of course it would be very tiring to carry your baby or toddler around. But not to worry, they have rental of stroller! The rate is HKD100 per day + HKD100 refundable deposit.

Tips #2. Sharing of table at the eateries

Due to space constraint, do expect that the waiters would arrange strangers to share the table with you. And please note that they will not ask for your permission to do so. As mentioned just now, there is no high chair and no place to put stroller in some eateries, so you may have to carry your your young children while having your meal.

Tips #3. Order food fast

Not that your children are impatient. Some waiters in some eateries may roll their eyes if you do not place your order within 5 seconds after you have seated! Well, I would just say that they are very focused on efficiency. My suggestion is to check the menu beforehand. I would check OpenRice Hong Kong for menu and review before visiting the eateries. 

Tips #4. Finding the toilet

I found the smartphone app "Toilet Rush (iOS / Android)" quite useful when you need to rush yourself or your children to the toilet! I would also look out for shopping mall, and force ask the children to go to toilet, before we move on to the next place.

Tips #5. Great deal for Disneyland tickets & Sim card

I heard that it is cheaper to purchase Hong Kong Disneyland tickets from Klook or some online sellers (if you trust them) as compared to the official website. However, before our trip in December 2016, I saw the promotion at the official website, the package includes 1-day admission ticket and a combo meal. It is really value-for-money, since we would have our meals inside Disneyland!

For the Sim card, I bought 4G Sim card from Klook, which cost me S$8+ after a discount. It was very easy to purchase through their mobile app, and immediately after I made the payment through the app, I received the QR code for collection of the Sim card at Hong Kong International Airport. So convenient!

Our Hong Kong Travelogue

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