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Hong Kong with Children - 6D5N Itinerary (December 2016)

When our children visited Hong Kong for the first time in June 2015, we invited their grandparents along. With the elderly and children, our itinerary was quite relax (read our 5D4N Itinerary in June 2015). Then we visited Hong Kong again in December 2016, we visited some places that we didn't go during our previous visit.

Day 1
Check in Inn Hotel --> lunch at Tsui Wah --> Sham Shui Po --> Dinner at Jordon

The first two things that we did upon arriving Hong Kong International Airport were to collect pre-paid SIM card that I booked from Klook, and to purchase Octopus card from MTR customer service counter. 

We booked our accommodation at Inn Hotel located at Yau Ma Tei (read our review of Inn Hotel here), it was easily accessible by bus A21 from the airport. 

We did exactly the same things on the first day in Hong Kong for our two trips! Yes, buy cheap toys at Sham Shui Po! During our previous visit, we didn't manage to sit down in 公和荳品廠 to eat, but we did it this time!

Day 2
Hong Kong Disneyland 

It was a more pleasant visit as compared to our previous visit in June 2015. We enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere and the cool weather.

Day 3
Dim sum brunch at 稻香 --> Hong Kong Science Museum --> Ichiran ramen --> Dinner at Cafe de Coral near Inn Hotel

Guess what, we actually went back to hotel to take a nap before we ventured out again for dinner. No, not the children, DaDi and I were the ones who needed the afternoon nap!

Day 4
Hong Kong Park --> The Peak --> Wan Chai --> Dinner at 村爺爺龍蝦湯-泡飯-燉湯專家

Hong Kong Park is a nice place to get some fresh air inside the city! And the main attraction? The slide with transparent segments!

It was an impromptu visit to The Peak. We were thankful that the peak tram was not too crowded on a weekday morning.

We then went to Tai Yuen Street at Wan Chai (also known as Toy Street), and we concluded that Fuk Wing Street at Sham Shui Po should be named Toy Street instead!

Day 5
Go Green Organic Farm --> Sham Shui Po --> Dinner at Cafe de Coral near Inn Hotel

A short getaway from the concrete jungle, we were refreshed by breathing in some fresh air! As the children didn't buy any toy from Tai Yuen Street in the previous day, we decided to go to Sham Shui Po again! They bought some toys and we had tea break at 公和荳品廠 again!

Day 6
Home sweet home

Our Post Trip Reflection

I mentioned the reasons for choosing Hong Kong as our children's first overseas trip via plane in this post on 5 Tips for Hong Kong Travel with Children. To be honest, when we first visited Hong Kong, the presence of their grandparents really helped us a lot. With the ratio of 2 adults to 1 child, my alert level was raised to only 200%. But during the second visit when DaDi and I brought the children there ourselves, somehow, my alert level had to raise to 1000%! It is simply too crowded at some places, and some people are very impatient and rude! Well, we were thankful that we still encountered kindness, for example, a kind lady actually gave up her seat on MTR for me (yes, not for the children) when we were on our way back to the hotel from Hong Kong Disneyland, because she said that I looked very tired (I was unwell that day)!

Hong Kong offers some places that are really interesting to visit with children. But I would suggest not to bring your children along for shopping in shopping areas.

Our Hong Kong Travelogue

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