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Shoe Storage and Shoe Care with is:SHOE Singapore

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When DaDi and I got married and moved to our new house N years ago, the size of our shoe cabinet was just nice for two of us. Well, I admit that my shoes occupied most of the space in the shoe cabinet. And now, this shoe cabinet is still around. But as the number of people in the house doubled, I had to put some of my shoes somewhere else (for example, in my workplace), so as to accommodate the children's shoes in the shoe cabinet. Recently, the kind folks from is:SHOE Singapore introduced a great solution to my shoe storage problem, and they also raised my awareness on how to take good care of our shoes!

One feature that I like about Elenor Prime Shoe Storage Box is that the boxes are stackable. Available in white, grey or pink, the see-through design fits my household decor perfectly. Other than serving aesthetic purpose, this design is functional for us - we do not need to play "open treasure box" game to find which shoes are kept in each of these boxes! Check out is:SHOE shoe rack and shoe storage solutions.

Other than shoe storage issue that I faced in the past, another shoe-related problem is - the "fragrance" from our covered shoes! Using is:SHOE Remove, an active carbon shoe insert, the moisture and odour can be removed. There are also different colours that we can choose!

In addition, with Shoe Aromatic Fragrance, we no longer have to hold our breath when we open our shoe cabinet! It is lovely to be greeted by the refreshing smell of lily, ocean, jasmine, rose or lavender whenever we open our shoe cabinet! Of course, these sachets can also be placed in any part of household, workplace or in the car.

is:SHOE also offers other shoe care products.

Adjustable Shoe Tree is useful for the my covered shoes, it helps to maintain the shape of the shoes. For a pair of leather shoes that I have not been able to wear as my feet are too big, I mean, the shoes are slightly too small, the shoe tree is able to stretch the shoes to make them more comfortable to wear.

Recently, we bought new running shoes for the children. Hao Hao chose the white colour shoes, but I was worried that his white shoes had to be washed often as I reckoned that white shoes would get dirty easily. Thankfully, is:SHOE also sent us Jewel Shoe Eraser. Hao Hao tested the eraser, and he was very happy to see that the stain was removed!

I love to wear my canvas shoes, but when it rains, the canvas shoes get wet, and this makes me feel very uncomfortable. One interesting product that was introduced to us was is:SHOE Repulse : Hydrophobic Spray. As the name implies, it prevent water or other forms of liquid from making our shoes wet!

Before applying the spray, I used is:SHOE Horse Hair Shoe Brush to remove the dust and dirt on my canvas shoes. 

It was interesting to see the water droplets stay on the surface of the shoes! I am thinking of making DIY canvas shoes for myself and my children, and I feel that this spray would be useful!

Check out is:SHOE Singapore for more shoe storage and shoe care products!

is:SHOE Singapore

Disclaimer: We received shoe storage and shoe care products for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.

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