Sunday, May 28, 2017

When Should the Siblings Have their Own Rooms?

Interestingly, while some of our friends shared with us their challenges from co-sleeping to no co-sleeping with their children, our situation was the other way round! You may read about our "journey" from no co-sleeping to co-sleeping.

Then 3 years ago, we finally managed to get them out of our room to their own bedroom. You may wonder why at that point of time, we didn't just separate our boy and girl into two separate rooms. Well, this leads to another frequently asked question by our friends - how do we make our children go to bed at 8 p.m.? Our strategy is: to sit inside their room to accompany them until they fall asleep. Ok, please don't laugh at us. Perhaps, this is one way that I am trying to make up the loss of time spent with my children as a full-time-working-parent. So back to the question why we didn't separate our children into two separate rooms... I cannot split myself into two at bedtime, so it is partly for my convenience to get the children share a bedroom.

In fact, until now, they still do not mind sharing the same bedroom. They have their own territory marked out by their beds.

When should the siblings have their own rooms? This question came to my mind some time ago as they are now in primary school. Though they have not requested to have their own rooms yet, I start to plan ahead to prepare for that day. That means we have to get some new furniture for the children. Online resources like provide some ideas on where to get furniture.

As of now, while the children are still sharing the same bedroom, it is important for them to respect each other's boundary. 

If you have children of opposite gender, what is your thought on when they should have their own rooms?

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