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Japan Travel with Children - Kyushu - Fukuoka - Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Class with Ippudo Child Kitchen

In the land of ramen - Japan, of course, we must eat Japanese ramen! During our trip to Japan, we did not only eat Japanese ramen, we also attended a cooking class to learn how to make Japanese ramen and gyoza! You may have heard of Ippudo (一風堂), which was founded in Fukuoka, Kyushu. They organise Child Kitchen, which is ramen and gyoza cooking class. After I signed up a class at Fukuoka, then I heard that Ippudo Singapore also organises such classes occasionally in Singapore. Anyway, it would be a unique experience to learn how to make ramen and gyoza from the local Japanese teachers in Japan!

The online registration is made via, a Japanese online portal. I managed to make the booking with my limited command of Japanese. One good thing is that we do not need to make payment online, as we can make payment when we reach there. In addition to  the course fee of 1800 yen (about SGD22) per person, we had to purchase a pair of slippers and an apron at 150 yen (about SGD1.90) per person, since we didn't bring our own slippers and aprons.

Our class was on a weekday morning, only our family and another family from Hong Kong were there, so we had a good time interacting with the Japanese teacher, who was able to communicate with us in English.

We made the dough for ramen and gyoza, and this involved quite a fair bit of arm muscle power!

While the ramen dough was "resting", we exercised our creativity to make gyoza. Look at the different shape and size of gyoza that we made!

The ramen dough had enough "rest", and the fun part came - to step on the ramen dough which was wrapped in plastic bags!

After that, we cut the dough into smaller portions, and used the noodles maker to make each portion even thinner, before placing them through the cutter.

With the guidance of DaDi, the children fried the gyoza on the electrical pan.

Then our little ramen chefs cooked the ramen on their own. The teacher told us that it only took 20 seconds to cook the ramen.

Lastly, the little ramen chefs added the chashu and garnish. Tada! Our very own handmade Japanese ramen and gyoza were ready! And this was our lunch!

Each of us made 3 portions of ramen, we could bring the remaining portions away. We were given one goodies bag each, each goodies bag consists of brochures and a packet of soup base. So we bought a microwaveable bowl from 100 yen shop, DaDi and I had Japanese ramen dinner at the hotel for the next two days! We simply had an overdose of ramen!

In Japan, you can order extra serving of ramen at ramen eateries - Kae-dama (替え玉) - so make sure that you still have some soup in your bowl!

Child Kitchen (チャイルドキッチン)
Address: 〒812-0015 福岡県福岡市博多区山王2丁目2−7
How to get there: From Hakata Bus Terminal 1F bus boarding station 13, take bus no. 8, 17, 29, 40, 44 or 45. The bus journey takes about 15 minutes. Alight at 山王一丁目, walk about 4-5 minutes.

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