Sunday, July 9, 2017

Using Fidget Spinner to Teach Children Art, Science and Mathematics

To be honest, I did not like the idea of getting fidget spinners for my children. They requested for the fidget spinners when many of their friends had those. However, I did not see the purpose of fidget spinners at all - what was the great deal of balancing the fidget spinners on the fingers? Does it really help the children to relieve stress or to stay focused? 

Eventually, we brought the fidget spinners for our children. It was because we thought that they had put in effort in studying for the semestral assessment, so we wanted to reward them for their effort. While the children were happily spinning the spinners, I saw the opportunity to teach them art, science and mathematics!

Using Fidget Spinner to Teach Children Mathematics

The children learnt about the meaning of diameter and radius of a circle. They measured the diameter of the outer circle, and marked out the diameter on a white cardboard. I helped to cut the circles using a circle cutter. 

The children then used blu tack to mount the circular cardboard on to the fidget spinner.

Using Fidget Spinner to Teach Children Art

By placing a felt tip marker at the same spot of the cardboard, a beautiful pattern can be created.

The children also did an experiment by drawing a straight line from the centre to the edge of the circle, and they were thrilled to see a spiral pattern!

Using Fidget Spinner to Teach Children Art

We made spinner colour wheel a few years ago using marker pen. The effect was beautiful, however, the marker would stop spinning shortly. The children have learnt the colours of a rainbow, and they were excited the effect of blending the colours!

Do you have any ideas on how fidget spinners can be used to educate the children?

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