Saturday, August 12, 2017

Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House

What did you do on Singapore's 52nd birthday? Our family went to Singapore Changi Airport! No, we were not going overseas, and we were not fetching anyone. We went there for Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House

The open house takes place from 7 to 20 August 2017. When we registered in July, we noticed that the slots were taken up very fast, and the registration is now full and closed. 

Well, what is so special about Changi Airport Terminal 4? It sees the extensive roll-out of a suite of fast and seamless travel (FAST) initiative. It means that the processes of check-in, bag-drop, departure immigration and boarding are all self-service. 

Even cleaning of floor is automated! Check out the adorable autonomous cleaning equipment! Our children had fun "testing" it - the equipment would come to a stop when it detects someone near it.

We downloaded the smartphone application T4 Open House app, we could play location-based games, and we were happy to win e-vouchers for use at Changi Airport! This app made us to be more observant. Guess where is this?

Printing of boarding pass is done at these stations.

During the open house, the children had an hands-on experience to tag the check-in luggage, and to drop the luggage at the automated bag-drop. They also learnt that their identity has to be authenticated by the machine before the luggage goes in.

The Immersive Wall at Centralised Security area is beautiful, it showcases Singapore's skyline and Changi's connectivity to ASEAN destinations. The queuing at the security clearance is made much more interesting!

The transit area is an art exhibition! It showcases moving art and sculptures. The most amazing art piece is the grand-scale kinetic sculpture PetalClouds.

I can totally identity this sculpture's sentiment - luggage and children in tow!

Sitting on comfortable seat, watching Peranakan Love Story at Heritage Facade - that is what you can do while waiting for boarding.

Not forgetting about the children and the young at heart, this sitting area looks like a mini playground!

Visiting the washroom at Heritage Facade was also a special experience!

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