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Japan Travel with Children - Kyushu - Sanrio Harmonyland

Are you a fan of Sanrio characters e.g. Hello Kitty, My Melody? Then you should consider visiting this place in Japan - Sanrio Harmonyland! It is an outdoor theme park located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu. As a big fan of My Melody, I have been to Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo N years ago, but I didn't manage to take a single photo with My Melody. Personally, I feel that Harmonyland is much more interesting! 

After visiting Yufuin, we stayed at Beppu. On the next day, we took a train from Beppu to Kitsuki Station (杵築), and then took a bus to Harmonyland (See the details of how to get there at the end of this post).

No doubt, we alighted at the right station!

The bus stop was just outside Kitsuki Station. The bus ride to Harmonyland was about 10 minutes.

We bought our tickets from Klook. At the ticketing office of Harmonyland, I showed the staff the QR code, and they gave me the physical tickets.

We were welcomed by Hello Kitty near the entrance. The best thing is - no need to queue to take a photo with Hello Kitty! Because there were not many visitors!

You can find photo spots everywhere!

The attraction that I wanted to visit very much was My Melody in Akazukin! I told you that I am a big of My Melody, remember? Once we entered, we were given My Melody's wallet.

There are 6 interactive game stations, just place My Melody's wallet on the machine to start playing the game. However, each wallet can be used to play only 3 games. So you may guess correctly that I went in two times in order to try all games!

While the children enjoyed playing the games, I enjoyed taking photos with My Melody!

After playing the games, we could take photo with My Melody in a studio (1000 yen for each photo), and the background of the photo depends on the game score. Guess who had the highest score? It was DaDi! So we could have the background that showed that we were successful in the games!

As in almost all theme parks, there is a castle! This is Kitty Castle.

We took a tour inside the castle. Sorry, I'm biased. If this is My Melody's castle, I would have taken more photos.

When I showed the children the website of Harmonyland, they saw Sanrio EV Go-Cart, and they requested to play that. Well, Harmonyland knows how to take my money. This ride requires extra cost of 500 yen per ride. Yes, 500 yen for each child, and they can "drive" only 2 rounds.

Another attraction that took my money was Ninja Trial. It costs 500 yen each child. The children enjoyed themselves very much in the indoor play area, DaDi and I also took this opportunity to take a break and relax.

Harmonyland is built on a hill, there are two parts, you can get from one part to the other by Harmony Train. I don't think I have the energy to climb up and down the hill!

The smaller part of Harmonyland has only one attraction - Sanrio Characters Boat Ride. The ride is exactly the same as the one in Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, but we didn't have to queue in Harmonyland!

We took Harmony Train back to the main part.

Our children loved spinning in the cups at Strawberry Cafe. I was glad that I was still able to walk along a straight line after the ride.

We took Sky Jet which was a ride on the overhead track. It was nice to enjoy the scenery. We didn't try Cinnamon's Spin Trick, I felt like puking just by watching it spinning!

We also took a ride on Sky Fun which went up and down.

There are two roller coasters in Harmonyland, but our children only dared to try the smaller Hello Kitty Angel Coaster. Well, it was quite horrible for me!

I wanted to try Pop' n Smile, but no one was gamed to take the ride with me.

It took me a while to convince the children to take a ride on the ferries wheel Wonder Panorama with me. Don't laugh at me, I told the staff that I wanted to ride on My Melody cabin.

When it was about time for the live performance Parade Parallel to begin, the friendly staff of one of the rides reminded us about it. The other visitors were so "professional", they were well-prepared with floor mats to watch the performance.

There were 4 eateries in Harmonyland. One of them has my favourite Creamia soft serve ice-cream! Well, looking at this photo now, I a bit regret that I didn't order the character meals.

This little hut looks cute, but it does not look as innocent as it looks - it is the shop that sells Sanrio merchandises! Well, as we were rushing for the last bus, my wallet was spared.

We could have taken the bus back to Kitsuki Station to take a train that did not require a long waiting time. But we decided to take the bus to Yokoku Station, because it has lovely Sanrio decor!

Since we had some time before the train arrived, we visited Hiji Town Library next to the train station!

For Hello Kitty fans, you may want to complete the experience with a stay at Beppuwan Royal Hotel which has Hello Kitty rooms!

Source: Beppuwan Roya Hotel

Source: Beppuwan Roya Hotel

Overall, I enjoyed myself at Harmonyland as I am a big fan of My Melody. The children enjoyed some of the rides and attractions (especially those that required extra cost). When I saw other families there, it seemed that the mummies were the ones who initiated the visit, as many of them were wearing Sanrio character tops (me too)!

Harmonyland looks slightly dated, and the attractions are quite kiddish, but I think that the cuteness of this them park would still attract Sanrio fans like me! Another thing that I like is that it is not crowded at all, and we didn't have queue up!

Useful Information

Sanrio Harmonyland
Website: http://www.harmonyland.jp/english/harmony/harmony.html
Admission: 2900 yen for age above 4 years old, 1450 yen for pregnant ladies, 1000 yen for admission after 4 pm. Check out their website and social media for promotions. We bought our tickets from Klook.

How to Get to Harmonyland by Public Transportation
Take JR train to Kitsuki Station (杵築) or Yokoku Station (暘谷), and then take Oita Kotsu bus to Harmonyland. Alternatively, you can take a taxi.

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