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Japan Travel with Children - Kyushu - Sightseeing Train Aso Boy! あそぼーい!

When I planned our trip to Kyushu (Japan), I showed my children some travel books and websites, and asked them where they wanted to visit. When they saw this photo, they said they wanted to go here - Aso Boy! (あそぼーい!)

source: JR Kyushu

This is a sightseeing train that currently travels between Aso and Beppu. During our visit in June 2017, it travelled along a temporary route between Hakata and Mojiko, because of the damages made to the original route during the earthquakes at Kumamoto in 2016.

In fact, I was more excited than my children when I managed to reserve the tickets at Japan Rail (JR) Ticket Office on the first day we arrived Kyushu. Similar to Yufuin no Mori (ゆふいんの森), Aso Boy! is a popular sightseeing train.

We were given the booth seat like the one we had on Yufuin no Mori (ゆふいんの森).

The journey was 1+ hour, and again, we were hardly seated at our reserved seats. The reason was, the children wanted to play in the ball pool! There was a long queue of children before the ball pool was opened.

Those balls are made of wood, so I can imagine that it can be quite painful to be hit by those wooden balls. A staff was there to remind the children not to throw the wooden balls at others, and most parents there would also remind their children. However, in my honest opinion, this play area is not very suitable for babies and toddlers.

There was a cafe bar next to the ball pool. I sat down at the sofa when my legs were tired.

I could have avoided standing if I had remembered to request for White "Kuro" seats when I made the reservation. Located near the ball pool, the seats are perfect for a parent and a child.

If you like the character Kuro, you would probably take millions of photos on the train, as Kuro was found everywhere!

Not to forget about getting a souvenir card and stamp on it!

Finally I got the children back to our seat, by buying ice-cream! This green tea ice-cream was smooth and delicious!

And yes, the staff would walk around with a big sign board to take photo for the passengers, so remember to get back to your seat!

Do take note that Aso Boy! does not operate every day, so if you are keen to take a ride, check their schedule!

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Aso Boy!

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  1. hi babe, after you take Aso Boy to Mt Aso, what did you do there?

    1. Hi, during our visit in June 2017, Aso Boy travelled along a temporary route between Hakata and Mojiko, so we did not go to Mt Aso.


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