Sunday, December 31, 2017

Admiralty Park Playground

"Where are you?" We heard this many many times at Admiralty Park playground. Many parents, including us, kept shouting this question in the search of our children. This playground reminds me of Super Mario, a popular video game by Nintendo. Our children went into a slide at one side of the terrace, and came out from the other side.

Located next to Republic Polytechnic at Woodlands, this play area at Admiralty Park consists of Family Play Area, Adventure Play Area and Junior Play Area. Both Family Play Area and Adventure Play Area are suitable for children between 5 to 12 years old, while Junior Play Area is designed for children between 2 to 5 years old as well as children with special needs.

The highlight of Family Play Area is this pair of long metallic tubes. Hao Hao's verdict on this - very exciting!

Other facilities in Family Play Area include the followings:

I think it was a good exercise for me to climb up and down the hilly area in the search of my children!

Adventure Play Area reminds me of  Urasoe Dai-koen in Okinawa (Japan). The rollers of the slides at Admiralty Park are wrapped by rubber material, unlike those in Urasoe Dai-koen, which are metallic rollers. But the length of the roller slides at Admiralty Park is only a fraction of that in Urasoe Dai-koen. Anyway, our children enjoyed the green roller slides very much and played 8679 times.

We saw some children were either sliding down very fast or standing on the roller slide! It is very dangerous! Do remind your children to observe their own, as well as other children's safety. We also saw some adults enjoying these slides, and definitely at a much more controlled and safer speed as compared to the children.

The younger children aged between 2 to 5 years old as well as children with special needs can enjoy themselves at Junior Play Area

It is so thoughtful to have a special swing for children on wheelchair.

Actually, there were many people at the playground. If you wonder why all my photos appear that no one was there, it was because it was raining when I was taking those photos, everyone was hiding in the shelters! 

Tips for playing at Admiralty Park Playground
  • Bring extra set of clothing for the children! The slides were rather dirty during our visit. There is a washroom near Junior Play Area for cleaning up and changing. 
  • Wear shoes with non-slip soles. Near the base of the pair of metallic slides at Family Play Area, there is a structure that separates the sand, we saw a few children slip at that area. 

How to Get to Admiralty Park
Public transport:
Walk around 15 minutes from Woodlands MRT. Alternatively, you can take bus 903 and alight along Riverside Road, or take bus 169 and alight at Republic Polytechnic.

There is a car park near the South entrance of Admiralty Park around Sakura International Buffet.

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