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Taiwan Travel: Taichung 台中: Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市

Our stomach overworked on our third day in Taichung (in Taiwan). First, we had local traditional breakfast at Taichung Second Market 台中第二市場, and then ice-cream treat at Fourth Credit Union 第四信用合作社, followed by lunch at a food court at Taroko Mall. After resting for a short while, we took a bus from Taichung TRA Railway Station to the famous Fengjia Night Market 逢甲夜市 for dinner.

Fengjia Night Market is a big shopping and dining area near Feng Chia University.

We alighted at Ding Nan Zai bus stop, and only managed to "conquer" the route highlighted in yellow in the map below.

base map: Google Maps

Along the way, we saw a long queue for pepper pie (胡椒餅), so of course we joined the queue!

It was nice to have a piping hot pie in the cold weather!

While DaDi was queuing for the pepper pie, the children were very hungry, so I ordered a grilled chicken leg from the next stall. The name is very interesting, it is called "黃金右腿 Gold Leg"! The meat was tender, and the cheese and sauce were perfect combination with it. The children liked this so much that we ordered another set.

Another food that went into my stomach - grilled shrimps. But honestly, I would not want to order this again, the shells were to hard to swallow.

With children in tow, one important thing to take note is the location of washroom! There are washrooms at level 2 of  a shopping mall Fengjia Fun Star - this is at the end of the highlighted route on our map above.

I found this comprehensive Fengjia Night Market map (Chinese), hope this may be useful to you!

How to Get from Taichung TRA Railway Station to Fengjia Night Market
Take bus 25 or 35, alight at Ding Nan Zai 頂湳仔. The bus journey was about 50 minutes.
Use EasyCard (悠遊卡) to enjoy free bus ride for bus journey within 10 km in Taichung!

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