Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Taiwan Travel: Taichung 台中: Taichung Second Market 台中第二市場

One way to get to know a place better is to visit its local market. Thanks to the recommendation by our private tour driver, we had local breakfast at a traditional market Taichung Second Market 台中第二市場, which is 700 m away from our accommodation 53 Hotel. I didn't know about this place prior to our trip, however, it seemed that it was a popular place among Singaporean visitors.

There was a long queue that stretched along the road. This was the queue for the popular carrot cake stall  王菜頭粿糯米腸.

We did a divide and conquer - our parents and children went to get a table, while DaDi and I queued to buy food. Getting a table for a big group of 6 was quite a challenge as there were not many tables and chairs outside this stall. 

We ordered the carrot cake 菜頭粿, 糯米腸, 綜合湯 which consists of pig's blood cake...

... as well as the most popular combo dish, which consists of carrot cake, fried egg and 糯米腸. It costs NT60.

This drink stall 老賴茶棧 is just opposite to 王菜頭粿糯米腸. It was a perfect combination to have tea with fried food.

After breakfast, we walked around the market. The layout of this building is very interesting, it is hexagon!

Taichung Second Market 台中第二市場
Address: No. 87, Section 2, Sanmin Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400

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