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Taiwan Travel: Accommodation in Taipei : York Design Hotel

Many readers asked about our accommodation in Taipei - York Design Hotel. It is located near Taipei Main Station, along Nanyang Street which is also known as "tuition street", because there are many language learning centres and tuition centres. 

The hotel itself occupies level 4 and 5 of an old building, if not for the flashing LED signboard, we may have missed the entrance! Don't be too upset when you see the old building, you will be surprised when the lift door opens at level 4! The modern-looking counter brings you to another world! The corridor looks so nice!

We booked Nordic Warm Quad Room (北歐溫馨4人房), which does not have window, but we didn't really mind about it.

This photo was taken during our first visit in 2015

This photo was taken during our second visit in 2017

This photo was taken during our second visit in 217

As the name implies, the design of the room gives a feeling that we are in Northern Europe! Very cozy! The sockets in the room are international sockets, so travel adapter is not required.

However, the bathroom was a bit too small. So if you are bringing your baby along, the bathing process can be quite challenging, unless you bring along a baby bath tub. Anyway, it was still quite enjoyable to shower as the shower head was very good.

Don't worry about drinking water, as there is water dispenser along the corridor.

During our second visit to Taiwan in December 2017, our room was at level 5. There was a cosy area at the lift lobby.

There are many eateries and a few convenient stores in the area, so you won't get hungry! We had different types of breakfast when we were there!

Rice balls - the filling is very generous! There are pork floss, youtiao and vegetables!

Egg omelette (蛋餅), 燒餅, youtiao and warm soya bean milk.

Oh, yes, McDonald's! They have toast breakfast set!

There are also many places for shopping, including Uniqlo, Daiso as well as 光南大批發 which sells a lot of stationery, toiletries, CDs and other stuffs!

For our booking in 2017, we paid about SGD100 per room per night for our quad room during a promotion, isn't it a steal?

York Design Hotel (約克設計旅店)
Address: 10047 台北市中正區南陽街13號4樓 (4F., No.13, Nanyang St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10047, Taiwan)
How to get there:
From Taipei Main Station, take Exit M6, walk through Basement 1 of Caesar Park Hotel Taipei, then walk straight along Nanyang Street

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