Saturday, May 5, 2018

Taiwan Travel: Taichung 台中: Gaomei Wetlands 高美濕地

Perhaps our luck to enjoy good weather was used up when we were at Cingjing Green Green Grassland. We wished to enjoy the sunset at Gaomei Wetlands 高美濕地, however, it was very cloudy.

When you search for Gaomei Wetlands on internet, I believe that you would have seen many beautiful pictures of the spectacular sunset, so in order not to bore you too much, we shall share with you photos of Gaomei Wetlands without visible sunset! (Trying to console myself, sob!)

It was super windy when we were there. However, we still went ahead to walk along a short distance on the boardwalk.

Nevertheless, Gaomei Wetlands provide an educational opportunity for us to learn about the beauty of nature.

Gaomei Wetlands 高美濕地
Boardway Opening Hours: It is open 2 hours after high tide, and is closed 2 hours before high tide. Check here for daily opening time.

Tips for Visiting Gaomei Wetlands

How to Get to Gaomei Wetlands by Public Transport

Take TRA Railway train to Qingshui Station 清水, then take Geya Bus 巨業客運 111, 178 or 179.
Or take TRA Railway train to Taichung TRA Railway Station, then take Geya Bus 309.
On weekends, you can take Geya Bus 688 from Qingshui Station or iBus 655 from Xinwuri TRA Railway Station 新烏日.

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