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Japan Travel: Nagoya - What to Do and Eat

Known as manufacturing and shipping hub in Japan, I used to think that there is nothing much to do in Nagoya, now then I realise that Nagoya can be so fun to travel with children! Let us share with you what to do in Nagoya with children, and what to eat in Nagoya!


Our children (and myself) are great fans of LEGO, so LEGOLAND Japan is the place that we must visit!

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SCMaglev and Railway Park 

It is located near LEGOLAND Japan. However, it was impossible for us to visit both LEGOLAND Japan as well as SCMaglev and Railway Park on the same day, because LEGOLAND Japan alone would require a whole day! We learnt about the history and future development of railway through hands-on activities.

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Sample Kobo

Located at Maker's Pier near LEGOLAND Japan, Sample Kobo offers a range of food samples - food replica that are displayed outside some Japanese restaurants. The food sample look so real!

There are also lovely merchandises like key chains and hair bands.

Sample Kobo is not just a retail shop, it also offers food replica workshops! After we visited LEGOLAND Japan, we walked in and asked for a food replica workshop. Initially we wanted to learn how to make tempura and lettuce, however, this requires reservation in advance. So in the end, the children learnt how to make cup ice-cream, which cost 900 yen.


Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

In addition to learn about the history of Toyota, Technoland at Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology offers hands-on activities that are educational and fun!

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Sakae is a shopping area in Nagoya. It is very convenient to get there from Nagoya Station via the subway. Other than shopping and dining in the area, taking photo with the old landmark Nagoya TV Tower together with the futuristic-looking Oasis 21 is quite an experience.

Komeda Coffee

Many Nagoya cafes offer special "morning service" - free breakfast when you order beverage in the morning! It is usually a complementary set of toast with boiled egg. One of the popular cafes in Nagoya is Komeda Coffee. We didn't have a chance to enjoy the free breakfast since we had free breakfast at our hotel Toyoko Inn. But we visited Komeda Coffee for its dessert Shiro-Noir, Danish pastry with soft serve ice-cream and syrup. The pastry is soft, fluffy and warm, it goes well with the vanilla soft serve.

We also ordered ham sandwiches, the sauce seemed to contain wasabi which we did not really like.

Sekai no Yamachan

Tebasaki (chicken wing) is a specialty in Nagoya. We bought a box of 5 (about 400+ yen) from a chain of izakaya (Japanese style pub) called Sekai no Yamachan. Since smoking is allowed in this eatery, I decided to get the take-away instead of dining in with our children.

Even though I don't like spicy food, I can still accept this chicken wing which is seasoned heavily with pepper.

If I have a chance to visit Nagoya again, I would consider trying chicken wings from another izakaya called Furaibou, as I read some where that their chicken wings are not so spicy.


Having a sweet tooth, I have been looking forward to try the cakes from Harbs, there are many branches in Japan, but it is originated from Nagoya. However, this eatery requires minimum order of one beverage per person for dining in, so I decided to take-away a slice of Mille Crepes (about 900 yen). The fruits were fresh and sweet!

Other Interesting Places in Nagoya

There are some more interesting places in Nagoya that we would like to visit, but did not have time to explore during this trip.

How to Get from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Nagoya Station (and vice versa)

The airport at Nagoya is called Chubu Centrair International Airport. To get from the airport to Nagoya and vice versa is quite straight forward, you can either take Meitetsu train 名鉄 or bus.

We took Meitetsu train which would take 28 to 48 minutes depending on which type of train that you are taking. The basic fare is 870 yen for adult and 440 yen for child. A First Class Car Ticket "μTicket" at 360 yen per person is required to board the first class car of a μ-SKY Limited Express, as well as reserved seats on Rapid Limited Express or Limited Express train. Since we were not in a hurry and wanted to save some money, we took non-reserved seat.

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