Sunday, February 3, 2019

Japan Travel: Kyoto: Kamo River, Shimogamo Shrine, Kawai Shrine, Tadasu-no-mori

The autumn foliage in Japan usually ends by early December, however due to work commitment, we could only leave Singapore in mid-December. A few days before our trip, I tried my luck to check the autumn foliage news website, and to my surprise, I found the last place in Kyoto that still had the autumn foliage! Without hesitation, I revamped the itinerary to spend two days in Kyoto instead of just one!

From Osaka, we took Osaka Metro and changed to Keihan Railway to Demachiyanagi Station (出町柳). We walked quite a distance to McDonald's, hoping to get Dr Yellow basket for the children, but it was sold out! Looking on the bridge side, along the way, we spotted a small bakery selling delicious red bean bread.

We walked back towards Demachiyanagi Station, and saw some people hopping from a rock to another across Kamo River (鴨川). It took quite fun! But we didn't hop across the river, as we were afraid that our children might fall into the river accidentally.

Our aim was to view the last autumn foliage in Kyoto - Tadasu-no-mori (糺の森). Though the best time to view the autumn foliage at Tadasu no Mori was over, the final phase offered a different feel.

Kawai Shrine (河合神社), located at the southern entrance of Tadosu-no-mori, has a special appeal to women who wish to pray for beauty. Ladies can purchase a face-shaped ema (wooden plaque) and draw the ideal face, and they can also purchase "beauty water". Oh, well, I didn't purchase any of these... I may have to get many ema and drink tons of beauty water in order to achieve the effect, sigh.

We actually took almost an hour to admire the lovely scenery along Tadasu-no Mori. Finally we reached Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社) at the northern end.

Shimogamo Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Japan and is recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was almost 1.40+ p.m. when we were there, and we had not had proper lunch! So we walked around Shimogamo Shrine quickly, and then took bus to our destination - Kiyomizu-dara 清水寺. Read our next post for details of our adventure to Kiyomizu-dera and the nearby region!

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