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Japan Travel: Osaka: Kuromon Ichiba Market

Known as "Osaka's Kitchen", Kuromon Ichiba Market (黒門市場) in Osaka is a paradise for the foodies. 

After spending half day at Nara, we took Japan Rail to Nihonbashi Station (日本橋). We reached there at around 2 p.m., but it was still quite crowded.

My main target was seafood! Actually other than seafood, there are also vegetable, fruit and dried food stores in the market.

Knowing that my stomach has limited capacity, therefore, I read some reviews before the trip and shortlisted a few food stalls.

高橋食品 Takahashi Shokuhin - Soya milk
The soya milk taste is concentrated, and not too sweet. We drank the warm soya milk and felt so good in winter.

oops... out of focus!

黒門 三平 Kuromon Sanpei - Seafood
The shop sells different types of raw and cooked seafood, from Tuna otoro sushi, king crab, to pufferfish! There is an area for patrons to sit down to enjoy the food.

The grilled food station was preparing the last batch of grilled crab legs and lobsters when we were there at 2+ p.m., so I quickly ordered one grilled crab leg which cost 2000 yen (~SGD24), not cheap though.

Hao Hao was delighted to find unagi sushi which cost 1800 yen (~SGD22).

We also bought a packet of Hidaka kombu (kelp) for making soup.

Honestly, I feel that the seafood at Kuromon Sanpei is not cheap. The puffer fish that we had at Karato Fish Market was around 1000 yen, but the price was twice at  Kuromon Sanpei for the similar portion.

石橋食品 Ishibashi Shokuhin - Oden
Nothing beats having the hot oden in the cold weather. We ordered a piece of raddish and tofu, they are delicious as they have absorbed the goodness from the broth.

西川鮮魚店 Nishikawa Sengyoten - Sea urchin, oyster
The price of the seafood depends on the size. I order the smallest oyster (700 yen, ~SGD8.50) and the smallest sea urchin  (1300 yen, ~SGD16). The staff opened and cleaned the seafood right in front of us. She added some more sea urchin from a container, and interestingly, the portion that was added from the container tasted much sweeter and nicer than the portion in the original sea urchin!

魚福 Uofuku - Grilled scallop
The price of grilled scallop also depends on the size, we ordered the smallest one which cost 600 yen (~SGD7). The scallop was grilled upon order, so it was served piping hot!

まぐろや黒銀 Kurogin - Tuna 
I actually wanted to order tuna otoro (belly) sashimi, however, a single portion was very expensive and I thought I could't finish all, so I ended up ordering otoro don at 1800 yen (~SGD22). The tuna otoro melts in the mouth, but it is not really a great feeling to have oily fish when your stomach is 90% full.

丸善食肉店 Maruzen - Kobe beef
A stall with only 4 seats, I chose to wait to dine in instead of taking out, so as to enjoy the Kobe beef as soon as it was served. There are different types of beef, but my target is Kobe beef. The meat is on the oily side, so I think it is not advisable to eat too much if you cannot take oily food. Anyway I would not have eaten too much Kobe beef since my wallet is not big enough. This small portion of diced Kobe beef cost 2000 yen (~SGD24).

As you can see from the price that I shared, the food in Kuromon Ichiba Market is not really cheap. But I think it is quite an experience to visit Osaka's Kitchen. 

Kuromon Ichiba Market
How to get there: Osaka Metro or Japan Rail Nihonbashi Station, exit 10

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