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Japan Travel: Osaka Food Guide

Osaka is well known as foodies' paradise in Japan, there are so many eateries, supermarkets and convenient stores in the region! We are sharing what went into into our stomach during our trip!

Kuromon Ichiba Market 黒門市場

Osaka's kitchen offers different types of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits. Read our blog post on Kuromon Ichiba Market for the verdict of the eateries that we visited.

Dotonbori 道頓堀 and Shinsaibashi 心斎橋

The shopping and dining district that offer Japanese street food and different cuisines. Read our blog post on Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi for what went into our stomach - ramen, takoyaki, grilled crab leg, soft serve, lobster roll, Calbee freshly made potato chips, baked cheese cake.

Kaitenzushi Ganko 回転寿司がんこ at JR Osaka Station Eki Marche

Our children enjoy eating sushi, and the price at conveyor belt sushi eatery is more affordable than those at higher end restaurants. After our visit to Kyoto, we took Japan Rail (JR) back to Osaka, where we found Kaitenzushi Ganko 回転寿司がんこ.

Some of the sushi that we tried - anago eel, Hiroshima boiled oyster, natto (fermented beans)....

Crab leg...

And there are sushi for vegetarians!

Don't worry if what you wish to eat does not appear on the conveyor belt, you can just tell the sushi chef and they will prepare for you!

Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu 牛たん炭焼利久 at JR Osaka Station Eki Marche 

Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu is just next to Kaitenzushi Ganko at JR Osaka Station Eki Marche. Since I am the only person in the family who eat beef tongue, I thought it would be quite embarrassing to dine in, with 3 persons looking at 1 person eating. So I ordered a take-away bento set to enjoy at the hotel.

I was thankful that there was microwave oven at the hotel lobby, so that I could heat up the bento. The beef tongue was still delicious even though it was almost 1 hour after it was prepared. How I wish I could have dined in!

Sarabeth's Osaka at JR Osaka Station Lucua 

Sarabeth's is praised as "Queen's breakfast in New York", so I was very keen to check it out. Instead of having breakfast, we  had our afternoon tea at Sarabeth's Osaka. I was glad that there was a set meal that included all the signature dishes that I wanted to try!

Included in the set meal was a small bowl Velvety Cream of Tomato Soup. It was creamy and delicious, but I finished this with just a few mouthful.

Classic Eggs Benedict served in the set meal was half of the regular portion. The poached egg was done to perfection, it went well with the smoked ham and English muffin.

Half of the regular portion of the signature dish Fat and Fluffy French Toast was also included in the set meal. Luckily we also ordered one regular dish, otherwise Pei Pei and I would have fought for the heavenly tasting toast! Crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft for the inside, I wish I could have more!

Hao Hao sang praises for Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes, which had a tinge of citrus taste.

DaDi had the healthiest dish - Sarabeth's Morning Crunch that consisted of fruits, granola and yogurt.

It was indeed a luxurious afternoon tea - pleasant ambiance, yummy food, and a bonus of being served by a good-looking waiter haha! Well, it was quite costly though as we paid more than 5000 yen (SGD60+)!

Jumbo Tsuribune Tsurikichi ジャンボ釣船つり吉
    When I shared with our children about a restaurant where patrons can catch their own fish, they were thrilled and said they wanted to go! Located near Osaka Metro Dobutsuen-mae 動物園前, this restaurant is surrounded by many eateries that specialise in kushikatsu 串カツ, one of the Osaka's popular food.

    I requested to have a table on the ship-look-alike area, but I was not sure why the staff looked rather unhappy and seemed disapproving of my request. Anyway, after some chicken and duck talk, we managed to a table on tatami floor.

    The waitress gave us a small portion of fishing bait, and our children happily started fishing. I observed for a few minutes, no one around caught any fish, so I thought I should order some food - sushi set, whitebait salad, kushikatsu, and kids' meals.

    For kushikatsu (deep fried skewers), please note that you can dip the deep-fried skewer into the sauce only once, as the sauce is placed in a container for everyone to use. In the case that you need more sauce for your skewer, then use the lettuce to take the sauce!

    While I was happily taking photos and videos of them, suddenly Pei Pei shouted! A fish was hooked by her fishing rod! I quickly helped her support the fish rod, Hao Hao took a fish net to fetch the fish, and DaDi helped Hao Hao to support the net. Other patrons clapped and cheered for us! It was indeed team effort to catch the fish, but it was a pity that I couldn't manage to take a video of the process. Anyway, it was one of fondest memories of the trip!

    In such restaurant, once a fish is caught, you have to pay for it. We ordered half portion to be grilled and half portion to be simmered. Both dishes turned out to be yummy, we preferred the simmered one as the gravy was very delicious!

    The total damage of the dinner? About 8000 yen (~SGD100)! Expensive, but the memory was priceless.

    Yakisupa Romakan 焼きスパ ローマ軒 at Hankyu Sanban-gai 阪急三番街

    Other than the typical pasta, this restaurant serves Japanese style fried noodles. The portion was rather generous!

    Family Cafe Otama 家カフェ おたま at Namba Parks
      We were shopping at Namba Parks and chanced upon this Japanese family restaurant. We were attracted by the food samples at the display and decided to give it a try.

      For each set meal we ordered, we could get 3 small bowls of appraisers, which were Japanese prickles. There were 4 types to choose from at the self-service station, so we tried out all of them. The prickles were delicious, and we were almost half full while waiting for the main dishes.

      We ordered baked salmon, calm hot pot and scallop hot pot. The dishes were like home-cooked food and it was a comfortable meal.

      Mita Seimen 三田製麺所 at Namba City

      Our initial plan was to have conveyor belt sushi at Namba City, however the queue was super long, so we turned towards Mita Seimen opposite the conveyor belt sushi. Since the price for small, medium and large portion was the same, of course we ordered the large portion.

      The dip sauce was very rich in flavour. But since we didn't order char siew and egg, we were still hungry after that.

      Life Supermarket and Super Tamade 玉出 Supermarket

      As you can see, we spent quite a fair bit on food. We had to go budget at times. Supermarkets are our best friends, especially in the evening, some of the food are sold at a discounted price! There were 2 supermarkets near our hotel - Life Supermarket and Super Tamade Supermarket (Ok, if you understand Chinese, the name of the latter sounds rather funny).

      Life Supermarket looks like our Cold Storage or FairPrice Finest in Singapore, the layout is neat and the store is bright, and the outlet we visited is huge, with two levels. On the other hand, Super Tamade Supermarket is packed with goods, and the price seems to be cheaper, and it reminds me of another supermarket in Singapore!

      This is the cooked food section at Life Supermarket.

      My eyes were focusing on food with yellow label, which indicates the discounted price. I bought a sushi set at 20% off discount.

      The baked sweet potato was very delicious! It went into our stomach before our camera could have a "bite" of it! We also bought drinks, natto (Japanese fermented beans), strawberries, cup noodles and so on from supermarkets.

      During our trip to Osaka in Decemebr 2018, we saw a new cup noodles flavour - sea urchin cream! But of course, it is not real sea urchin! The taste was quite unique.

      After long walk in winter, it was nice to have piping hot cup noodles when we reached the hotel! Ok, let's forget about eating healthy for a few days...

      Do share with us the must-eat food when you are in Osaka!

      Our Japan Travelogue (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara) December 2018

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