Thursday, July 25, 2019

Bing Liang Mooncakes Review

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When the mooncakes from Bing Liang arrived at our doorsteps a few days ago, my parents exclaimed, "It is Mid-Autumn Festival soon?" 

The mooncakes from Bing Liang are the traditional type, which my parents prefer. They package the mooncakes in a lovely pink box with a drawer. This is perfect gift idea!

White Lotus Double York Mooncake and White Lotus Single York Mooncake are the all-time-favourite for our family members. The sweetness of white lotus paste is just right, and it is well balanced with the salted egg yolk. The melon seeds brings the texture up to another level.

It is thoughtful of Bing Liang to provide low sugar version of mooncakes, since many people are getting more health conscious nowadays.

As a lover of green tea, I was delighted to have Green Tea Mooncake! The green tea taste is not overpowering, it is sweet but not bitter. The children fought with me for the last piece!

Don't wait till last minute to get the mooncakes! Bing Liang is having an early bird promotion that ends on 8 August 2019!

Bing Liang 

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Bing Liang

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