Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lakeside Garden Playground @ Jurong

When the children heard that a new playground was opened at Lakeside Garden at Jurong, they were eager to go there! So one fine day during the school holiday, we embarked a journey to the west.

From Lakeside MRT Station, we walked southwards. We walked past the walkway where visitors can enjoy the view of the lake.

On hot days, a dip in the water at Water Play at Clusia Cove is so comfortable. The area is made up of Tidal Play Pool and Sand Play Pool. There is a washroom nearby for washing up. So remember to bring extra set of clothes!

We continued to walk for a while and finally reached Forest Ramble, the huge playground! The area is divided into stations that are designed to allow the children to mimic the movement of different animals. Here are some stations that we explored:

Birdwing Play - different types of swings for the children to feel that they can fly!

Heron Play - soar like a heron when the children glide down from a platform, and then climb up to the nest-like structure.

Crab Play - an ideal place to play hide-and-seek in the tunnel!

Snake Play - slide down from the giant slide like a snake!

Squirrel Play - an obstacle course to get to the nest-like structure.

Monkey Play - climb up and down like a monkey.

Frog Play - hop from one trampoline to another.

Merry-go-round allows children to collaborate and play together.

After having great fun at the playground, we walked further to the south and played at The Logs Trail for a while.

This is the place where many people take photos recently - Grasslands! The area is actually designed for observing the birds in their natural habitat, but the place looks so lovely for photoshoot!

After our search of celebrity trees in Biei at Hokkaido (read our travelogue here), we realised that there is also one in Singapore! Oh, it is actually a metal sculpture!

There is also Active SG Park - gym and swimming pool - in the southern end of Lakeside Garden.

Lakeside Garden Playground
Website (with map):
Opening hours: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Close on Mondays except public holidays
How to get there:
Take MRT to Chinese Garden or Lakeside MRT stations. Alternatively, take bus 49 or 154.
There are 2 carparks - North Carpark near the playground via Kong Ching Road or Tah Ching Road, South Carpark near Grasslands via Too Ching Road or Yung Kwang Road

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