Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tinkerer STEAM Box - Educational Toys

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STEAM is an educational approach that integrates the learning of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through hands-on activities. This educational approach is gaining popularity in the recent years. Recently, I was introduced to Tinkerer, a monthly subscription educational box that uses STEAM approach. Every month, a box is sent to the doorstep of the subscriber, and a different theme is introduced every month. Tinkerer offers 3 types of boxes - Wonder for age 3 to 5, Odyssey for age 6 to 8, and Explore for age 9 to 12.

My children were thrilled when Tinkerer Explore box arrived at our doorstep! The theme of this box is Trebuchet.

Upon opening the box, we were pleased to see that the materials were packed in an orderly manner. The materials for building the trebuchet were packed with labelled plastic bags. 

The box contains a booklet that is very informative, it includes information like the history behind trebuchet, the science behind the projectile from trebuchet, and so on. The children gained a better insight of trebuchet after reading this booklet.

The instruction booklet contains step-by-step on how to build trebuchet. The instruction is clear and can be easily understood by the children.

My children worked together to build trebuchet, and they were excited when the trebuchet was done!

Recently, my children are learning about angles during Mathematics lessons in school, they can apply this knowledge as they orientate the trebuchet!

Using the activity sheet from the box, we had some fun-filled science hands-on activities. I asked them to predict the outcome before they carried out the experiment, and they recorded the observation and checked whether their prediction was correct. 

With their imagination and creativity, my children thought of a story of how the king and soldiers used trebuchet to rescue the princess who was kidnapped!

I feel that the design of activities of Tinkerer box is thoughtful, with elements of STEAM for the children to learn different aspects from one toy.

Subscription fee:
1 month - HKD217 per month
3 months - HKD199 per month
6 months - HKD186 per month
12 months - HKD171 per month

Disclaimer: We received a Tinkerer box for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

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