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Hokkaido Travel: Asahikawa, Asahiyama Zoo

As we planned to visit Furano and Biei to see the flower fields and scenery, we considered staying near these areas. We could make day trips from Sapporo, but it would be time-consuming as one way between Sapporo to Furano or Biei would take around 2 hours. As I checked the accommodation in Furano and Biei, I found that it was not cheap! So the best alternative was to stay at Asahikawa - it is 1 hour 25 minutes train ride from Sapporo, 30 minutes train ride from Biei, and 1 hour train ride from Furano.

We stayed at Toyoko Inn Asahikawa-eki Higashi-guchi, the room rate is half of that at Furano and Biei! It is located near Asahikawa Station, and is very convenient as there are Aeon Mall and many eateries. We visited the supermarket at Aeon Mall every day to buy fruits and baked sweet potato... eh, now then I realised that I did not take photo of that yummy baked sweet potato!

In this post, we are sharing with you what to eat at Asahikawa, and Asahiyama Zoo.

What to Eat at Asahikawa

Asahikawa is well-known for shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, so of course, we must try out the ramen!

We visited Aoba 青葉, a small family-run eatery near Asahikawa Station. We were welcomed warmly by an elderly lady, who invited us to write an autograph on their notebook Volume 107! Many foreigners have visited their eatery! She reminded me to take a photo of the notebook so that we can look for that notebook when we come back again! The owner cum chef was also very friendly, when he learnt that we are from Singapore, he shared with us that he visited Singapore before, and showed us the Merlion display that he bought!

We ordered miso ramen and shoyu ramen, I like their shoyu ramen, which is flavourful and yet not too oily. The delicious ramen, together with the great hospitality, are the reasons to visit Aoba again. Take note that they are closed on Wednesdays!

Another ramen eatery we visited was Santouka らーめん山頭火. Yes, there is an outlet in Singapore. It is famous for pork cheek meat, which is tender and tasty. However, I personally felt that the ramen broth was too oily for me.

At Aeon Mall next to Asahikawa Station, there are restaurants and food court. We chanced upon a soba resturant at level 4 of Aeon Mall. It was quite refreshing to have asari (clam) cold soba.

Address: 北海道旭川市二条通8丁目左8 二条ビル 名店街

Address: 北海道旭川市1条通8丁目348-3 ささきビル 1F

Asahiyama Zoo 旭山動物園

One famous place of interest in Asahikawa is Asahiyama Zoo. In particular, the penguin parade in winter attracts a lot of visitors.

From Asahikawa Station, we took bus 41 or 47, which took 40 minutes to reach Asahiyama Zoo. The bus ride was rather horrible as it was bumpy.

As we explored Asahiyama Zoo, we noticed that the encounter with the animals was very close!  The penguins were standing right in front of our eyes! There are transparent enclosures where you can view the animals, really up-close-and-personal!

The seals swam around freely, and we could see them in the vertical glass tunnel.

Some other animals that we saw:

Polar bear

Arctic fox

red panda


Snowy owl

Japanese crane


If you understand Japanese, actually the zoo is very educational as there are information about the animals around the zoo.

The vending machine and postal box looked so cute!

We did not manage to explore the entire zoo as we were too tired to walk upslope towards the East Gate. There is children's farm where children can touch the animals at specific time slots, what a pity that we missed that time slot.

Overall, it was an educational experience for the family as we saw some animals that we don't get to see in Singapore. The only thing that I was disturbed with was that the polar bear and brown bear kept walking round and round, and stretched at the same spot. Not sure whether this is a normal behaviour.

How to Take Public Transport from Asahikawa to Asahiyama Zoo:
Take bus 41 or 47 at No.6 boarding booth outside Asahikawa Station. Bus fare is 440 yen for adult, 220 yen for child. Bus journey is around 40 minutes.


Admission Fee: 820 yen for adult (above senior high school), free for children

Our Hokkaido Summer Itinerary
Day 1: New Chitose Airport, Sapporo Clock Tower, Odori Park, Hokkaido Government Office
Day 2: Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park, Susukino
Day 3: Hokkaido Shrine, Otaru
Day 4: Asahiyama Zoo
Day 5: Furano - Farm Tomita, Tomita Melon House
Day 6: Biei - Blue Pond, Shirahige Waterfall, Shikisai no Oka , Shinei-no-oka Observatory Park, Ken and Mary Tree, Seven Stars Tree, Parent and Child Trees, Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park  
Day 7: similar to Day 2 haha!

Our Hokkaido Travelogue June 2019

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