Friday, September 20, 2019

Reading with Scholastic 3: Dim Sum Warriors: #1 Enter the Dumpling, Jedi Academy: #7 Revenge of the Sis, Goosebumps Slappyworld #8 The Dummy Meets the Mummy

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The end-of-year examination is coming in a month's time. While the children are busy revising their school work, they are reminded to take a break from time to time. They are currently reading the following books from Scholastic as a form of relaxation.

Dim Sum Warriors: #1 Enter the Dumpling

An interesting combination of Chinese delicacies dim sum with Chinese martial art adventure, the graphic novel brought much joy when our children were reading. A good way to relax during the stressful period of preparing examination!

Pampered Prince Roastpork Bao tries to escape from his palace duties when he meets Xiajiao and Shaomai, two market peddlers with a secret. The three young dumpling then stumble upon a sinister plan to take over the kingdom… but can they do anything about it?

Author: Clin Goh & Woo Yen Yen
Age: 8-12
Product URL:

Jedi Academy: #7 Revenge of the Sis

An all-new story arc begins in the New York Times bestselling series, this graphic novel is a great read for Star Wars fans!

Christina Starspeeder, legendary Padawan and sister to Victor Starspeeder, has graduated from the Jedi Academy at Coruscant. But that doesn't mean her education is over! Just the opposite. Now Christina is a student at the advanced Jedi Academy at Jedha City. It's super big, and super stressful. At Coruscant, Christina was top of her class. But at this new school, it seems like everyone is on a different level. To make matters worse, she's apprenticing under legendary Jedi Skia Ro, whose droid seems to have it out for Christina. Since when did droids come preprogrammed with attitude? Every time Skia Ro gives Christina a task, she manages to screw it up. Can Christina step it up at this new school? Or will she get booted out to the outer rim? Find out in this all-new volume of the New York Times bestselling series Star Wars: Jedi Academy!

Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka & Amy Ignatow
Age: 8-12
Product URL:

Goosebumps Slappyworld #8 The Dummy Meets the Mummy

To be honest, the cover of this book looks rather horrifying! But for the loyal readers of Goosebumps Slappyworld series, this story is very exciting!

After being put back to sleep and abandoned in an old museum, Slappy is brought to life by a curious girl on a school trip. Out for revenge, Slappy uses his powers to raise an army of creatures from the exhibits. But when the museum closes, Slappy and his new friends are locked inside with Arragatis, an ancient mummy with his own plan for revenge. It's dummy versus mummy as Slappy faces his most dangerous and frightening opponent yet! Can Slappy defeat this ancient adversary? Or will it be a wrap for this dummy?

Author: R.L. Stine
Age: 8-12
Product URL:

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