Saturday, January 4, 2020

Tokyo, Mt Fuji Travel Day 1 & 2 Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo University

Our children have visited Japan a few times, but this is their first time visiting Tokyo and the nearby areas. As usual, our family oversea trips focus on experiential learning as a family, therefore, we did not did much shopping (except at supermarkets) even though we were at Tokyo the shopping paradise.

We took Japan Airlines and arrived at Narita Airport at 4 p.m. The first thing we did was to purchase Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket and Welcome Suica Card at the airport (read tips #4 of our post on 10 Tips for Planning Tokyo Travel). From Narita Airport, we took Keisei Main Line Rapid Limited Express and then took subway to our hotel that is located near Tokyo Dome.

By the time we checked-in our hotel, it was already 7+ p.m, so we had our dinner at LaQua Tokyo Dome City, which was a few minutes walk from our hotel. We had sushi dinner at Kaisen Misakiko 海鮮三崎港, a chain sushi restaurant. Ordering sushi there is very easy - there are tablets and you can choose English menu. Most of the food are delivered by a "train" except miso soup and chawamushi. The price ranges from 110 yen to 590 yen + tax. The sea urchin is fresh and sweet!

steamed scallop sushi

sea urchin sushi

conger eel sushi

The shopping mall was filled with Christmas atmosphere. As there is an amusement park, we could hear screams every now and then when the roller coaster passed by.

On the next day, we woke up early to visit Tokyo University. You may wonder why we would bring our children to the University. It was actually quite a last minute decision to go there. My initial plan was to go to Meiji Jingu Gaien 明治神宮外苑 to view the autumn foliage - gingko trees. However, I found out that the autumn foliage did not look fantastic due to trimming of the trees every 4 years!

We took subway to Todaimae 東大前 station, and first went to Yayoi Auditorium 弥生講堂. The reflection of the gingko trees on the building was interesting.

After that, we visited Yasuda Auditorium 安田講堂 which is the best place to take photos with the autumn foliage! Together with the old architecture, the scenery looked fantastic!

I would love to spend more time to take photos at Tokyo University, but the children were not used to the cold weather yet so we had to leave the place. We walked past the historical gate Akamon 赤門 as we were heading towards subway Hongo-sanchome 本郷三丁目 station. 

After that we headed to JAL Sky Museum Factory Tour, in which we could get up-close-and-personal to the aircraft! 

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