Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tokyo, Mt Fuji Travel Day 3 Nagameguro, Science Museum, Caretta Shiodome

According to the weather forecast, it would be raining. True enough, it rained the whole day! So we made changes to our itinerary, and had mainly indoor activities.

Though I have been to Tokyo a few times, it was my first time exploring Nagameguro 中目黒. The main reason is to chill at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo. It is located at quite a distance from the station, walking in the rain was not fun at all!

The street leading to Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo was rather quiet, but who knows it was very crowded inside Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo! Probably because it was Saturday. It took us a while to find a seat. If it was not raining and cold, I would love to have a seat at the terrace at level 3, looking at Meguro River! Meguro River is one of the nice spots in Tokyo to view cherry blossom in spring.

The coffee bean roaster looks so futuristic! We saw a staff pouring a sack of coffee beans at level 1, and then the coffee beans were transported upwards via the pipes, so interesting!

There are 4 levels in the building, and each level sells different beverage and food - coffee and food at level 1, tea at level 2, cocktail and coffee at level 3. As some of us wanted coffee, and some wanted tea, we had to purchase our beverages at different locations, which I found a bit troublesome.

The beverage on the right is Golden Sky Black Tea Latte (950 yen + tax). We have to use the chopsticks to mix the cotton candy floss into the tea, which makes it golden colour. How about the taste? Well, even a sweet tooth like me found it too sweet! The one on the left is genmai with cardamom peach tea (850 yen + tax), it has a nice peach fragrance and is also quite sweet.

We also ordered Pantheon Blend coffee (630 yen + tax) and Pistacchio Mortadella sandwich (860 yen + tax). So the total damage at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is quite a handful!

While enjoying our second breakfast (we had our first one at hotel), we also took turn to walk around the place.

The staff handed us freshly roasted coffee bean to taste. The children found the bean bitter, but I thought it was nice!

We spent the whole morning at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, and decided that it was time to go for lunch. Along the way back to Nagameguro station, we made a detour to Traveler's Factory, which is a traveler stationery shop. Though I would like to get my hands on the travel journal, I put it back on the shelf after looking at the price.

We had our lunch at Afuri which is just next to Nagameguro station. Yes, there is a branch in Singapore, but the one in Tokyo is so many times better! The char grilled char siew at Afuri Tokyo makes a significant difference. In addition, Afuri Tokyo offers vegetarian version of ramen, which Singapore branch does not.

We took subway to Takebashi 竹橋 station for the next indoor activity - Science Museum. Before the trip, I politely offered my children to bring them to Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea, and they politely declined my offer. But they quickly agreed when I shared about Science Museum!

The admission fee to Science Museum is 880 yen for adults, 400 yen for children 4 years and above, and 500 yen for high school and senior high school students. The interactive exhibits are quite interesting, but what a pity that the explanation is in Japanese. 

Our children enjoyed Waku Eco Motor Land most, as they love driving on the various simulators.

At Denki Factory, there are hands-on experiments involving electricity, electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction.

The giant mechanic system at Mechanics requires teamwork to move the giant metal balls from one point to the other using different mechanisms like levers, screws and so on.

The exhibits at Optics are also interesting, but our children said the mirror maze at Singapore Science Centre is more interesting.

At the shop, we saw space food! But I don't have the courage to try them haha!

The sky turned dark as we left Science Museum, and we headed to Caretta Shiodome for the winter illumination and light show. I totally underestimated the popularity of this light show, it was super crowded when we were there. To control the crowd, the people are released into the illumination area by batches. DaDi was kind to look after the children at a less crowded area, while I joined the crazy crowd. Without holding the camera high, I guessed I would see nothing but the heads of other people. At the end of the light show, the people had to follow the one-way route to get out of the area, or could join a (super long) queue for photo-taking opportunity at the centre.

After dinner at Marugame Seimen udon 丸亀製麺 at Caretta Shiodome, we headed back to the hotel. My initial plan was to go up level 46 of Caretta Shiodome and then watch the fireworks at Odaiba (every Saturday 7 p.m. during December), but as the children were very tired, I had to give all these a miss.

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