Sunday, June 7, 2020

Tokyo, Mt Fuji Travel Day 2 JAL Sky Museum Factory Tour

One of the highlights of this Tokyo trip was to visit Japan Airline (JAL) Sky Museum Factory Tour, in which we can get up-close-and-personal to the aircraft! And this activity is free of charge! We will share how to sign up this activity at the end of this blog post. 

JAL Sky Museum Factory Tour has 3 components - 30 minutes of lecture, 20 minutes of visiting the exhibition area and shop, and 40 minutes of tour at the hangar. Please note that the entire tour is conducted in Japanese, but information booklets in English are available. 

We took subway to Daimon 大門 station, where we took Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho 浜松町 station to Shin-Seibijo 新整備場 station. JAL Sky Museum is just a few minutes walk from the station. 

As we arrived early, we had extra time to visit the exhibition area before the lecture started. Other than viewing the exhibits of Japan Airlines, there were also hands-on experience like sitting in the model cockpit, taking photos in pilot or cabin crew's attire, as well as interactive games.

Even though we could not really understand the lecture which was conducted in Japanese, we could gather some information about Haneda Airport and Japan Airlines through the video and presentation slides.

Finally, the moment that I had been waiting for - the tour of the hangar! For safety reason, all of us had to wear helmet when we were inside the hangar. All the participants were divided into smaller groups led by the staff. What a pity that with my half-past-six Japanese, I could not fully understand the sharing by the guide. My children learnt "nana nana nana" which means "777" when the guide mentioned Boeing 777 aircraft. Anyway, I was thrilled just to watch the landing of the aircraft near the runway and to see the aircraft in such a close distance!

Please take note that it is required by JAL that the photos to be posted on social media have to be submitted to them for checking before posting. The photos on this blog post and our Facebook page have been approved by JAL. You just need to email them the photos that you intend to post, and they will reply you within a few days.

How to Sign Up JAL Sky Museum or ANA Maintenance Centre Factory Tour

Other than Japan Airlines (JAL), All Nippon Airways (ANA) also offers similar experience. The tour is free of charge!

The reservation for both JAL and ANA factory tours is available in Japanese only. The reservation is opened 6 months in advance, at Japan time 9.30 a.m. (Singapore time 8.30 a.m.) . When I made the reservation 6 months before the intended date of visit, I encountered some problems when I tried to book the earliest slot of the date, and within a few minutes, the slots of that timing were all taken, so I had to select the next time slot.

For those who are interested in registering for JAL Factory Tour Sky Museum, you have to fill up the following information in red as shown below. 

  • Name in Katakana (a form of Japanese writing system): you can Google for converter to Katakana
  • Postal code and address: I used the address and postal code of the hotel
  • How do you know about the tour: the options are homepage, friend, travel magazine, travel agency, TV program, others. You can just click any one of those

If you are going with other family members and friends, you have to key in their name, name in Katakana, age and gender.

You will then receive an email upon completion of registration, and then another email on confirmation of the tour. Print the email of confirmation and bring on the day of your visit.

JAL Factory Tour Sky Museum tour:
ANA Maintenance Centre tour:

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